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PLEASE For the love of Celestia, put them in the right folders. If you don't know where to put it or would like to request a folder, Ask! :D

NOTE: Put any Canon Character Art in the 'Featured' folder
NO OC`S in the featured folder

Please, admins, if you want to post something on the blog, ask the founder first.

Here's some need to know info:

This group will accept anything from:
:bulletgreen: Commissions *WITH ARTIST PERMISSION*
:bulletgreen: Sketches
:bulletgreen: Digital artwork
:bulletgreen: Traditional artwork
:bulletgreen: Lineart
:bulletgreen: Decent base art (please make it look like it's better then 2 minutes in MS Paint)
:bulletgreen: Literature
:bulletgreen: Collabs
:bulletgreen: OC sheets
:bulletgreen: You don't have to add art to be a member! Join away!

:bulletyellow: If you have anything that shows dirty scenes or more skin then some people are used to seeing, Make sure it has a mature content warning on it and submit to the 'Mature Content 18 Over Only' folder

What will not be tolerated:
:bulletred: Bullying or Harassing. Take it elsewhere guys. This isn't a hockey rink
:bulletred: Taking pics of Canon characters and MS Painting over certain features and claiming it's an OC
:bulletred: Takin Canon character lineart and coloring them differently and claiming it is an OC. The phrase 'OC' means Original Character. Not Copy Character.
:bulletred: Taking another OC from an artist and claiming it as your own. That is art theft guys, A big no-no.
:bulletred: No hardcore hetero, yaoi, or yurri please (sex scenes). There are other groups that will be glad to take that art. Kissing is fine and holding each other is okay.

If you have any questions, don't be scared to ask. We don't bite.... much...
Hey there Pony Gazette goers! Co-founder RedEspen here and I have quite the treat for you!

Recently, Desolim and I have been painting custom blind bag ponies, mainly of our OC's or older gen. ponies. Eventually we would like to start up custom commissions with them, but for now we're just painting as a hobby. However, I'm stuck with a left over unicorn that I have no idea what to do with! It's quite the travesty! So here's how I'm going to do this. I'm going to be holding a contest just for you guys!

:star: The Contest :star:

In total, I have three pony OC's, the adorable Flutterberry, the radical Star Charmer, and the ever so mysterious Comet Dust! Your job for this contest is to choose which of the three is your favorite and draw me some fan-art of either of them! Pretty simple, yes?

Star Charmer:
Comet Dust:

:star: The Rules :star:

Rule #1: Only one piece of fan-art from each participant.
Rule #2: Ponies are meant to be cute and adorable, so no naughty pony pictures, please.
Rule #3: Send me a note titled "Red's Pony Contest" with a link to your artwork please and thank you! ^^
Rule #5: Be creative and have fun!

:star: The Prizes :star:

1st Place: The hand painted custom unicorn of a character of their choice as well a picture of said character in addition!

2nd & 3rd Places: A free commission of any OC or Canon pony of their choosing

:star: The Deadline :star:

The contest begins now, December 18th, and will end January 16th. The contest ends on January 31st I believe this should be a good time span to have art done, but if any of you need any more time, I encourage you all to let me know. I'm pretty sure if I get enough people asking me for a deadline extension, I will probably give you one :3

The contest is a go! I hope to see your work very soon my little ponies~!

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